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In January 1932, the Society described The Golden Age in this way, “Issued every other Wednesday, this is a magazine of vital importance and interest to everyone. It covers a field entirely different from that of The Watch Tower. It has 32 pages of interesting matter on all kinds of live issues in every field of human interest and activity. The Golden Age is uncensored by big business, politicians or ecclesiastics. It rules out prejudice, superstition and fear of what anyone might say. It has no private axe to grind and does not indulge in mud-slinging. The truth every time and all the time, is its rule. Its object is to get at the truth and show up, without apology, everything that tends to obscure important issues. If the truth on all subjects appeals to you, then The Golden Age magazine will be the one magazine you will want in your home. If you are willing to look the facts in the face, and willing to let go of some pet theories you may have, so as to make way for the truth, then subscribe for The Golden Age.”

This disc contains the complete set of 1932-1937 Golden Age magazines.







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