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First published in July of 1879, The Watchtower magazine continues to be the primary doctrinal publication of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society. During the 1920's, the magazine was published on the 1st and the 15th of each month. Every issue spanned 16 pages, except for the November 1, 1922 issue, which expanded to 32 pages.

The average print run today exceeds 26.4 million copies of each issue, and by comparison, in 1925, the Society mailed out a total of 1.4 million issues for the entire year. Furthermore, in 1925, The Watchtower was published in 23 languages worldwide; today it's published in 146.

Very few issues remain in circulation today and as a result they have become extremely rare. For example, a recent quote for a quality set of the entire decade exceeded $10,000. Therefore, we are pleased to offer the complete decade on CD-ROM for a fraction of the price. In other words, you can own the entire decade for about a penny a page.

This disc contains the 1920-1929 Watchtower magazines.

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